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Our vision is for 1000 participants and over 100 personal trainers to come together for an action packed hour of cardio and resistance training to raise awareness and funds for headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation!

Helps us make a difference to thousands of young people!

In Australia, 1 in 4 young people live with a mental illness. 75% of mental health problems emerge before the age of 25 and high suicide rates in early to mid-adulthood are related to untreated mental health problems in the late teenage and early adult years.

headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation is a world-first initiative that fills the gap in the mental health system by treating young people who have mild to moderate mental health issues and by catching problems early, headspace can help prevent them from becoming more serious and longer lasting. To date, headspace has provided services to over 85,000 young people.

By participating in Train for Thought you will be helping raise awareness about headspace and the services they provide to young people across Australia. You will also be supporting the work of headspace, for example, enabling the delivery of healthy body, healthy headspace programs for young people in headspace centres so young people can realise their own healthy body and headspace.