Meet Founder Melinda Hiatt


Welcome to the Train for Thought website. This event was inspired by my beautiful youngest sister and various personal experiences.

If you;

  • Have experienced mental illness;
  • Know someone who has experience mental illness;
  • Have ever felt anxious or stressed;
  • Have experienced benefits of keeping active;

I encourage you to join me and Train for Thought on March 1 2015.

Train for Thought is all about coming together with people you care about or for people you care about. Physical activity is such a crucial part of maintaining good mental health – it’s not just about looking good! Being active can help manage stress levels, release endorphins and regulate hormones within the body and help you sleep better. These are all vital to keeping a healthy ‘headspace’.

Thank you for taking the time to view our page and consider participating in Train for Thought.
Look forward to a great training session!

Melinda Hiatt

Event Director, Train for Thought